Monday, November 3, 2014

Dear mister Atheist

So I've got a friend who posts NON-stop stuff on his facebook wall slamming Christianity left and right.

This is the same guy who when I first met him was a Christian.  Believed in God, still didn't like a pastor from the pulpit telling him how to live his life.  But he is definitely a Christian.

I had to "remove" him from his stuff showing up on my news feed via Facebook.  He preaches Love, then slams a christian.  He says we should all get along, the posts a negative comment about Christianity.

Does he slam any other religions?  Nope, because NONE of them are as threatening to his current way of life like Christianity is.  The truth of the matter is, whether he likes it or not, the HOLY SPIRIT is in him, and daily!  I mean DAILY he is going to have to denounce his faith.

One would think, If you're an atheist and want peace,  that you'd shut up and not care and live your life however you want because you have no moral compass other than the laws of the land.

He goes on and on about all the murder and terrible things that happened in the bible.  I'm actually thankful that the bible isn't full of lovey happy stuff.  I'd hate it.  Guess what D?  That's called life, and to not take account of it would mean leaving stuff out.

Let me tell you something.  Weed doesn't make you smarter.  It makes you stupider (yup, I said it the WRONG way so you'd understand).

I get not wanting live a life morally pleasing to God.  Then you'd have to face all your sin, and why do that when you can just not care and post endless crap about hating Christianity to make yourself feel better about your way of life.

You know what I hate?  When people try to force their beliefs onto me!  Oh wait, am I allowed to say that since I'm Christian?