Thursday, June 12, 2014

Judging the most Judged!

I find it interesting that out of all the religions out there, Christianity is the most hated of religions.  Yet Christ has the biggest following.  So much so, that some religions have thrown his name into their religion to get more followers.

Why is it so hated?  I think we do this in our everyday lives too.  That co-worker who is always right, or that girl who seems to be able to eat anything she wants and never gains an ounce.  We hate them!
I get it, Christians have pointed fingers, they have judged others.  Does it make Christianity wrong? Or the people following Jesus Christ wrong?  It’s in the bible to all the Christians out there!  “DON’T NOTICE THE SPECK IN YOUR BROTHERS EYE, WHEN YOU HAVE A PLANK OF WOOD STICKING OUT OF YOUR OWN!!!”

Do I hate you because you choose to have a partner of the same sex?  Do I hate you because you decided that yoga is your new form of religion?  Do I hate you because you don’t believe in God?
You know, I can’t speak for every Christian out there.  Truth is everyone has a little bit of judgementalness in them.   Even Christians judge other Christians, “You drink alcohol? Shame on you!”.  That’s always fun!

But why do we hate?  Is it because my co-worker is always right?  Is it because Sarah will never gain a pound in her life?  My answer is no…

The answer lies inside of ME!  The confidence I have in myself as a person that is passionate about life and my own opinions that I’m CONFIDENT about.  I don’t care if you’re an atheist.  I think it’s great that you’re passionate about something.   While I’m not going to force feed you my God.  Don’t do the same thing that you hate about Christians back to me.  

We are ALL on a path to death.  Where we go afterwards, well that’s between you and God, or whatever it is that you personally believe in.  Either way, some ones going to be right, and some one is going to be terribly wrong.  I pray I’m on the right side of that equation.